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With the current outbreak of indignation over tax evasion by multinational corporations, we're finally coming face-to-face with the biggest problem of our times: one more important than the financial crisis, than terrorism or sexual abuse, more immediately important even than global warming. What's at stake is the continued existence of the state as we've known it for the last several centuries, without whose powers none of those other problems are soluble (despite any fairy tales that libertarians and Tea Party whackos may tell you). Without revenues there can be no state, a fact that's perfectly understood by those Republican billionaires whose purchased congressmen are currently preventing the USA from being governed.

The recent visit of Google's CEO Eric Schmidt to London rubbed the point in. Explaining that "if you change the tax laws, we'll obey them", he treated UK PM David Cameron with the amused air of a cheeky schoolboy talking to a nagging…